The Spark of Humanity Network offers resources and support to people who want to have a point of effective engagement and make a positive difference in the midst of today’s global malaise.  Between toxic politics, environmental catastrophes, and the re-energized demons of racism and bigotry, living in the United States in 2017 sometimes feels as if all of us are caught in a massive mudslide, gaining speed as it lurches down a slope to—the unspeakable.

As the Network sees it, we can choose to stand firm, dig in, strengthen our roots, and be a stable presence.   We can refuse to be an element of the mudslide, to become part of the problem by increasing its mass and power.  By resisting, however minutely, the gravitational pull of the problem, we slow the mudslide and become part of the solution.

This is our hope and our belief: if enough of us do the urgent inner work needed to slow the mudslide, it could stop and even reverse.  If that happens, all the young growth and smaller beings that are now being uprooted, crushed and buried could grow to mature, blossom and bear fruit for us all.

Here are the current resources we offer:

SPARK: a short video offering a contemplative way to effective engagement, supplemented by guided meditations and a televised discussion about the video.

ROOTS: Early information from our pilot project to form local groups that support strengthening our root systems for effective engagement. This information is supplemented by guided meditations.  More Roots material will be available in 2018.

Pilgrimage of Love: Love, by its nature, is ever on pilgrimage, now and  since before time.  Here is a prayer resource to join with those who are sensitive to this pilgrimage and support the journey. 

Unconquerable Gladness: A visual aid and conceptual support for building stability and a strong perspective. There will be an accompanying video discussion in the future.