Resources for those who want to claim their sparks and explore their potential.

Video with Music and Narration

Video with only Narration

Television interview

Spark Meditation

Spark to Roots Meditation


Making your own SPARK booklets:

The essential text of the  SPARK video, with similar illustrations, with an option of hand-written or typed text.

The way we’ve been doing it:

Get x number of back to back copies of both pages.

Cut them into four horizontal strips.  

If you are using a cover (we’ve used colored light-weight card stock for the joy of it)  make similar sized strips.

Put the cover strip face down, on top of it put the strip that reads (on its right half)

how might you claim your spark?                   on top of it; on top of that, put the strip

it is very good                         on top of that, put

from the inside    on top of that put

that changes things……      on top of that put

their spark is strengthened   on top of that put

when you through your spark…        on top of that put

sparks have a natural affinity   on top of that put

all sparks are made of the same stuff

staple it in the middle, and fold it, and you should have a booklet!